Gibraltar is situated at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. It is recognised historically as the southernmost point of Europe and is also strategically positioned at the western end of the Mediterranean, forming one of the ancient Pillars of Hercules. The nearby countries are Spain to the north and Morocco (North Africa) to the south, on the other side of the strait 24 kilometres (15 miles) away. The Rock is mainly Jurassic Limestone some 200 million years old.

As a destination Gibraltar is packed with history and natural heritage, but in addition boasts all the modern amenities that you would expect in a bustling European city.

The Caleta Hotel is located on the tranquil eastside of the Rock; a vantage point that offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. On clear days the north African coast can easily be seen.

An iconic Gibraltar Hotel and a magical place to be, the Caleta's enviable setting and excellent facilities make it the perfect location for business or pleasure. A classic 4 star hotel, it is the ideal choice for weddings, conferences and banqueting - and for chess! The hotel's 2 Rosette Italian restaurant, Nuno's, is a staple of the Gibraltar dining scene, popular with tourists, residents and locals alike.

For this occasion, the Caleta will be turned into an isolated environment to ensure the safety of the participants. The competition will be held subject to and in accordance with Gibraltar Government Health Protocols.